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Planning your menu
1. Start with our Hot Entrees... think about what main dishes your group will like and how many you want to offer.
2. Next, add side dishes that compliment your main dish. 
3. Lastly, decide if you want to also have a salad and/or dessert! Its that easy.
Why to invest in a Professional Caterer
1. Reduce Stress! Planning an event of any size can be tremendously stressful. Trying to please everyone, having everything out on time, making sure everything tastes good and spending quality time with your guests can be a real challenge. Let us handle the hard part so you can relax and enjoy.
2. Save Time When you hire a professional catering company, you aren't just getting the food. You are also investing in the time savings. Think how long it takes to go to the store, buy everything you need, get it home, unpack, cook, clean, wash dishes, and serve your guests. It takes many hours of hard work (see No.1 above!). When you hire a pro, all of that is done for you.
3. Creates the right impression   When you have an event professionally catered it shows your guests how important they are and how special the event is. It creates the right impression and lasting memories.    
Why use Countryside Deli?
1. Get what you want, How you want it  Pickup or Delivery, One Pan of Meatballs or full service on-site events. Our menu is pretty unique when it comes to caterers. We don't believe you should be limited to pick 1 or 2 meats and 1 or 2 sides... or a minimum order amount. If you just want to pickup one item from us... no problem.   We're here to give you just what you want.  
2. Professionalism There are a lot of fly-by-night caterers out there that cook in their home kitchens and aren't licensed, inspected, or insured. If you go this route, you might save a few bucks but its a risky choice to make with your health on the line.  We do everything out of our professional commercial kitchen at our store. Our facility is inspected, insured,  and we have Serv-Safe trained staff on site at all times to make sure things are done right! We also deliver in our professional catering van (we affectionately call the "Chicken Wagon").  
3. Experience   We cater dozens of events each week for corporate and private customers. Our list of clients and corporations we have catered for is endless. We deliver daily to Southpointe businesses as well as homes and local venues. We will make sure your party goes off without a hitch!     
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